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cleaning a dutch oven

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I cooked a biryani a few nights ago in my Dutch oven.  It called for rice to be cooked in yogurt and water, with chicken cooking on top.  Everything turned out great, but there is a black crust at the bottom of the Dutch oven that is problematic.  I have soaked it, scrubbed it with the scrubby part of a sponge, and tried vinegar and baking soda.  Probably steel wool would make short work of it, but I don't want to scratch up the enameling, or soak it forever.  Suggestions?

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Have you tried simmering it on the stove with soapy water?

Also, people swear by Dawn Power Dissolver (is that the name?) for things like this, but I have never used it (guess you can tell since I can't remember the exact name!).

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Time for my ammonia treatment. Put a bit in and add some water and dish soap liquid (not dishwasher). Let it sit. I think it will lift off.

What kind of Dutch oven--cast iron, enamel, SS, aluminum? If aluminum, maybe not the ammonia.

I also have taken a scraper to such as this if the interior of the pan can take it--SS, aluminum, uncoated.

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Here's Le Creusets suggestion for cleaning, copied from another post.

For cleaning we would recommend using a laundry detergent such as tide or one that has an enzyme in it. Take one part detergent and three parts water to fill the interior of the vessel. Allow this to boil for about 5-7 minutes. Afterwards allow to the vessel to cool and proceed with cleaning with your dish detergent. If needed, you may use a nylon or plastic type of scrubby to assist. Once your item has been cleaned, take some white vinegar using a soft cloth or papertowel. Rub the vinegar on the enamel, this is used to return some of the sheen back to the glaze. The longer you allow the vinegar to remain on the enamel the more of the sheen it will bring. Your item can be stored away with the vinegar on it until next use. When ready to use, wash and dry.

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Thank you!

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I never hard the vinegar part before - neat!

thanks for posting that

<KW scurries off to try it>


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I tried the Tide option, and it worked great! Thanks!

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That's great! Thanks for letting me know it worked. Guess Le Creuset really knows how to get their cookware clean ;-).

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Printed that tip out, thank you for posting. Coward that I am I waited for somebody to actually try it first.

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When I burn something in my le creuset, I put it in the sink overnight with hot water and half a scoop of oxy clean. This may be heresy, but it works. In the morning, the pot is clean.