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You guys should find this amusing...

AmyElliesMom's picture

So I'm checking out for pressure cookers (ho ho ho!!!), and I find $18.95 pressure cooker.

Do you think it'll work? LOL!


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UncleDunc's picture

Don't know why not. I saw a Waring blender at the grocery store tonight for $14.99.

paretsky's picture

Well, I dunno, but my gut reaction is that it looks cheap. And its a microwave pressure cooker. In principle I suppose that it should work, but it sounds odd to me.

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It sounds scary to me.

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I think you and Peter have it right. I am scared enough of PCs without putting an additional metal jacket around it.

I just tossed (to Goodwill) my cheapo pressure cooker.  Couldn't get it to work reliably.  I think there is a bottom "entrance" point on these--and you need to know you are going to use it enough to warrant the shelf space and expenditure. I don't think I will use it--simmering beans is soothing.

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Try it when you want to buy a new microwave.