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ConServ refrigerator

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ConServ refrigerators -- anyone have any experience with them? First time I heard/read about them was in the current issue of Inspired Home, and I've been wondering whether a ConServ would be a good choice for my about-to-be-remodeled kitchen. Then I saw not one but THREE discounted ($900) models in my local Gourmet Applicance Outlet, and learned that the local servicer lives not far from my house. ConServ is made in Denmark (with U.S. HQ in Houston); the refrigerator is a real space saver (6'7" tall, 23.6" wide), has a bottom freezer with pull-out drawers, and is unusually low in energy consumption. Downside: small capacity (10.3 cubic feet) and--gasp!--not frost free. But I live and cook by myself in a little (10 x 15) kitchen in a Bay Area Spanish bungalow. What does this distinguished group think?

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I live & cook by myself too. Problem is, I have so much stuff in my refrigerator that I could easily have two. The size, along with having to defrost would make this a no go for me.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Yeah, I know! But...the family in the Inspired Home article claim they've needed to defrost only once in four years. I think I could live with that. And I figure a good 50% of the stuff in my refrigerator is a biology experiment that should be tossed out...

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While I have no first hand experience with this company, I am always open for ways to change our ever consuming footprint and this is a very efficient CFC free unit. So on that note I’ll give it a thumbs up, plus it is designed by Bang & Olufsen artist/designer David Lewis. Thumbs up

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right

Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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To quote from another message "50% of the stuff in my refrigerator is a biology experiment " - hello twin, if that is so, you will be happy with a smaller fridge. It is the way I am going to go when my current fridge dies, or before. I will line the sides and back with condiments or things that keep a long time, and use the central and front areas for rapid turnover. The next time I need more fridge space I will use coolers.

I also mostly cook for one or 2-4, and shop for veggies and meat at least once a week. In other words I don't buy Costco sizes and freeze - maybe if I had a vacuum sealer I would, but with the age of my fridge I would cry if I lost weeks of perishables in a power or equipment failure. I use the freezer for grains, flour, lard, ice cream, ice, a guilty tv dinner type frozen meal, etc., and am weaning myself down to my new expected size. Maybe you could try that as a start. 

I'll defrost, you iron :)

Dan, thanks for the info. This is not going to happen immediately (I hope) so I have lots of research ahead. My kitchen is even smaller than Oaklander's and I agree with you about the small footprint being valuable.

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I have one and love it!

Hi.  I bought my ConServe fridge four years ago.  We are three adults who share the ConServe and one bar fridge.  Occasionally there are food containers stacked to the top, and every cubic inch used, but not usually.  Everything in the fridge is fresher - fewer mouldy, leaky bags hiding out.  We line the back of the shelves with condiments, as well as on the door.  The footprint is really small - physically and energy-wise.  I love it and wouldn't change for the world.  If you have larger needs, get two;  put them side-by-side with the doors opening from the centre.

Hope this helps.

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Last year I bought ConServ

Last year I bought ConServ 12CuFt Stainless Refrigerator I imagine it would be a stainless steel but its a plastic colored stainless.  Anyone has it because just find a difference between the temperature at the top and bottom shelves of the the refrigerator section. Probably since it is so tall. Cherry Kitchen Cabinets