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Knives from Zabar's

mad_dog_marvin's picture

I was in Zabars (West 80's in New York). They now carry their own brand of knives. They are made in Sologen, Germany. No other real details except to my untrained eye they looked like the Henkel 4-star series. Much cheaper though. Has anyone bought one? Used them? What do you think?

Chiffonade_'s picture

When you are in the supermarket, and want Polly-O ricotta or mozzarella, take a package of the store brand and compare plant number. If the plant number is 36-8071, the store brand is Polly-O - under the store brand name. (I know the plant number because my father worked for them for 36 years. If you forget the plant number, just take a Polly-O container and look up the plant number.)

The store brand sells for significantly less, but it's still Polly-O - the best...Perhaps the same is true of the Zabar's knives?

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Can't comment on knives from Zabars, but I've been buying knives from Ikea -- their own store brand. The knives are excellent, and about a third the cost of a mid-grade Henkel. As far as I'm concerned, the brand name matters less than the quality of the steel, the fit of the handle, and the overall sturdiness of the construction.

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How about "how long the knife holds an edge ?"
I've always believed that you get what you pay
for. Over the yease I've purchased 1 Henkel knife
at a time as I found then on sale around town and
compared with the knives that a friend of mine purchased at a significantly lower price, these
knives are far superior. It seems that his knives
always need sharpening, and even after sharpening
the still don't match up to my Henkel's.
Believe it or not I have no affiliation with Henkel at all!


Sandra_'s picture

No question that Henkels are good knives, but my Ikea knives are proving to be at least their equal, at least for my purposes. A professional chef might notice the difference in quality, but I sure don't.

MEAN_CHEF's picture

Believe it or not you would see a difference. Find someone who owns a Global or Trident and try it. I guarantee you will see a difference.
Henkel used to make a good knife until they changed their manufacturing process and began mass marketing a number of years ago. They are still cashing in on their past repute with an inferior product.

Sandy's picture

Henckels are made in Solingen. But it may be like Sheffield used to be -- a steel manufacturing district. In any case, it's worth buying one to try.

However, I have one Henckel to my 9 Sabatiers (when I grow up, I can get a Trident). Knife preference is a personal thing.

I used Ikea knives for years. They're great general purpose knives, but they don't have anything with heft. And I've become accustomed to a properly balanced chef's knife, and wouldn't go back.