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where do I get a machine that cuts po...

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Went to a Dinner in Birmingham,Alabama. They served a poached salmon that was wrapped with very thin strips of what I thought was pasta and quickly browned on top and bottom. It was potato. Anybody know about this?

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Like a mandolin, maybe.

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Pat, if you want the well constucted, stainless steel one, and you have a Costco near you (Or a Costco catalog) get it from them. They have the best price. $50. under the next closest price, and a lot less than the others.

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Sounds to me like your long, thin strips would come from two types of gizmos - one would be the Yankee apple peeler, and the second would be the pricier Japanese garnishing tool. Both of them rotate the object to be peeled, while the peeler moves inward slightly to let you peel off long spirals of apple peel or potato flesh. I've see the apple peeler in catalogs and at some of the cooking stores in malls; the Japanese thingee will cost you over $100 and I have no idea where you would buy one.

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It was done with a spiral vegetable slicer. A professional one costs over $200 and can be purchased at J.B. Prince....1-800-473-0577.

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You mean it isn't called a "Japanese thingee?" Just when I thought I had the terminology down . . .

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The took to cut things in long, thin strips is called a turning slicer. However, I have not been able to locate one. I even tried Chinatown in San Francisco. I live in Canada and have had no luck here finding one.

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This is from Emerils website- he always makes nests & things.

Emeril's Turning Slicer/Shredder!
To slice vegetables into a paper-thin spiral, we
used a Japanese rotary device known as the
Benriner vegetable slicer. You can call Katagiri,
a store located at 226 East 59th Street here in
New York, at 212-838-5453 and ask for the
Benriner Turning Slicer. Be sure to specify that
you want the slicer that makes one continuous thread of potato to ensure that you get the right
slicer. They take all major credit cards and will
accept phone orders.
The price is approximately 85 dollars. You can
also order the spiral shredder through the
Williams Sonoma catalogue, tel. (800) 541-2233.

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I have made a similiar recipe using a mandoline and I did not poach the salmon first. I believe I found that recipe in Gourmet. BTW, it was sooooogood!

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Sur La Table 1-800-243-0852 has the spiral slicer for $45.95 (item #3890). It's a plastic contraption that makes the pasta looking potatoes you're talking about. It comes with 4 blades for various thicknesses. I've got one and use it for wrapping stuff in potatoes although the literature says its for salads.

I like the traditional french method of thinly sliced potatoes done on a mandoline better. I can't get the curly stuff to stick properly.

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Saw a slicer in the latest Williams Sonoma catalog...i think it's going for around $50.

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You're probably looking for the Benriner 'Cook Help'. We called it a 'Suzi Wan' in culinary school (why, I don't know, maybe because that's the name of the girl on Benriners boxes ;). They are simply awesome for garnishing, potato nests, etc.

Benriner makes 2 models a vertical one (for about $50) and a horizontally oriented one for about $100. Having used both, I just can't see the need to pay the extra $50 for the 'professional' version. I think the model number for the $50 version is either #BN-7 or 704104 (those are the numbers on the box anyway)

Williams Sonoma *used* to carry the $50 Benriner, but now they're carrying a less useful version made of plastic (not nylon reinfoced glass), no extra blades, minimal capacity, etc. that looks like one of those Ronco hand onion choppers of the 70's. Yet they still want $50. Go figure.

I've heard the original Benriners are now discontinued. Sign of the times I guess... find one of the 'real' ones quick before they're all gone. Unfortunately I'm not sure where you might find one (I've had mine too long to worry about it).

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Check out the latest Chef's Catalog or their website (www.chefscatalog). They carry the Rival Stripper.

The blurp says: "Quickly peels apples, pears and potatoes like a pro. Cut curlicue onion rings or potato strips. Create professional looking garnishes in minutes. Includes five blades. 12" high, turns off automatically. Recipes and instructions included. #5153 $49.99