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Looking for Japanese ceramic wok

Ross_Macpherson's picture

I had no idea such a thing existed, but apparently they're great! Does anyone know where I could find or order one? ...other than Japan :-)

nihon_no_cook's picture

Ross - I'm
b in
Japan, and I've never seen one. I don't picture standard ceramics as being able to handle a direct flame the way a wok would need to. Where did you hear about these?

SherriN_CA's picture

I contacted Regina (the vegetarian chef on PBS), who uses a ceramic wok, and asked her where I could order one. She gave me the 800 number, but when I called, there was never an answer.

I sent her another e-mail telling her I had no luck contacting the importer, and she said that because of the slump in the Japanese market, these people had probably gone out of business.

She also told me that the woks were very expensive and can break. I don't know of any other resource.