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Retinning copper pots

Marco_Bea's picture

I have 12 copper cooking pots that I need retinned. I had absolutely no luck finding anyone in Canada who still does this work (anyone out there??) and am now willing to try the U.S. Does anyone have any leads for me? Any ideas? I have heard that replating with silver is very good as well, but have no idea about this. Any help would be very welcome! Marco B.

Glenys_'s picture

Marco, let me know where you are in Canada and I'll forward the information. Usually shops that repair silver and silverplate can do the work. Silver is more expensive but worth the extra over tin.
I've had nickel lined pots redone at an auto plating shop that specializes in chromed accessories. Great job at a great price.
In the States, Sur la Table cookware does the work by mail.