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Emus - Neighbor Wants to Give Me one

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I know I can find out how to cook them, Mean Chef Pointed me in a direction a couple of months ago - My problem is butchering/cutting up.. One of my friends' Mother said to "cut up like a chicken".

Helloooo. I would need cutting board at least 4 feet by 8 feet, outside, with a crane lowering me from above to tackle this, and a much larger knife than I have.

Supermarkets won't (and rightly so) take them to butcher because of health dept regulations, and they told me of one source locally. I visited it this
morning, it was nasty looking and the stench so bad, that I just walked right in and right back out. I am not hungry enough to eat anything coming out of that place. Don't think there are any regulations there.

Asking here because promised husband I would. He is interested in cooking one of these "creatures". Any help would be appreciated. Otherwise, I do not want this bird.

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I don't know
i why
the place you went to inquire about butchering the emu smelled so bad...but historically, chicken markets and like places have
i never

I used to go to a chicken market in Brooklyn called LaPera Poultry. It always looked clean (as clean as possible anyway)...and I had used them for fresh killed ducks, quail and Thanksgiving Turkeys. The quality has always been first rate - and the smell of the place never improved...LOL.

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Aussiechef clicks on emu topic. Splutters into Darjeeling. X's out .

Phone rings.

Brother. He's a professional fisherman calling via satellite phone from boat sheltering behind island in Southern Ocean. He needs to know how to make Pecan Pie. When he's not fishing and making pie , Brother lives next door to cousin the emu farmer.

Aussiechef: " Is butchering an emu like butchering a chicken?"

i Lots of snorting noises. Could be sun flares or static.
" Is butchering a quail like butchering a turkey? Sure it is."

Dixie: PERISH THE THOUGHT ....unless it's slaughtered really young (and really IS the size of a chicken) or unless you have a ton of experience butchering birds. If you want to try emu meat , buy a nice little cut already trimmed up for you . There's some sources I have if you don't already.

But let me know what you decide. There's a whole bunch of fishermen near the South Pole who are dying to know.

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If Emu is like an ostrich, I believe that you only eat the thigh meat.

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Is thigh meat where you get the "steaks" that everyone raves about eating in restaurants? I would have thought they probably came from the breasts. But, then, I know nothing.

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Yes you are correct about the thigh meat and I am amazed. What a waste of meat. In its native country the whole bird is processed . The rest of the meat is made into sausage, terrines, salami etc.