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New bread machine, any recipes??

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I just got a bread machine and have already tried a few of the recipes that came with it.(NOT BAD) Does anyone have a good bread recipe they can share with this rookie? I'm having a lot of fun with this thing. THANKS!

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If you plan to get any mileage out of your bread machine, visit and do a search of "bread machine recipes." I have seen several books dedicated solely to this piece of equipment.

A friend of mine was presented with a bread machine by her husband but never used it because she "didn't like the shape of the loaf it made." We got together and let the machine do the mixing and rises...but we removed the dough and shaped it into lovely braids and rolls. This is another way you can enjoy your machine if you aren't looking for that "block" of bread it will make on its own.

Have fun!

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Here is a site with lots. There must be hundreds more if you start searching.
Bread Machine Recipes

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A great bread machine book is "Rustic European Breads From Your Bread Machine" (Eckhardt & Butts). I use it a lot & most of the recipes use the machine just for kneading & rising the dough. Amazon has it, of course. Lora Brody's book ("Bread Machine Baking, Perfect Every Time")is okay, not great. It has mostly sandwich-type breads vs rustic breads. Her book "Pizza, Focaccia, Flat, & Filled Breads..." is better.

Check the archives for a recipe (from "Rustic...:) I posted on a thread a while back

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Pete, I hope your enjoying your bread machine. I just won a blue ribbon at our county fair for my white bread recipe,
I made it in my bread machine but had it on the dough cycle then took it out, added about 2-1/2 cups more bread flour on my floured board while kneading, then placed it in a greased bowl and let it rise again till doubled, then punched it down and rolled it out, shaped it and put it in the oven for 35 minutes at 400°.Here is the recipe out of the Better Homes and Gardens Best Bread Machine Recipes Book. For a 1-1/2 pound bread.
1 cup----milk
1/4 cup--- water
4 tsp. butter
3 cups bread flour
4 tsp.----sugar
3/4 tsp.---salt
1 tsp active dry yeast
Add the ingredients according to your bread machine manufacturers directions. I add everything just the way it is written and put my yeast on last so it doesn't touch the liquid. After the dough cycle is finished, take it out (it will be loose and messy),but put it on your floured board and add the other 2-1/2 cups while kneading. Good luck and enjoy. Oh, by the way, I always have my ingredients at room temperature before I start my baking.

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Pete, I love using my bread machine, too. I live in rural Wisconsin and there is almost no place to buy good bread here. So I bake my own, and I'm l-a-z-y! If it weren't for the machine we'd probably have to eat Wonder Bread.

Besides a good recipe, (and I second that recommendation about the Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine -- it's a great book), you'll also need good flour(s). Bread flour from the supermarket is a given, but you should also try to get hold of the catalog from King Arthur flour. They are one of the few places I had been able to find whole-wheat bread flour, although I've now discovered that the natural foods co-op in a nearby town actually has organic, stone-ground whole-wheat bread flour. King Arthur offers many types of flour and other products that can help you make wonderful breads. If you like rye bread I'd recommend buying some of their "First Clear" flour; according to the description it produces that distinctive rich, chewy texture of real Jewish rye. I just made my first loaf using it, plus their medium rye flour, a few days ago and it was absolutely marvelous!! I've been trying to make really good rye bread for years and now I feel like I'm there. I can't wait to try using some of that flour with whole-wheat instead of rye, just to see what kind of texture that will produce.

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I have some clear flower and would love to try it in some rye bread. How about posting your recipe?
Pretty please.?