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Olives - Curing, flavoring

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I have green olives that I'd like to cure (brine, probably) and marinate -- perhaps coriander, orange peel?

Do you have favorite recipes to share?

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Baked Olives

36 large, meaty cured olives (what is nice is to mix the olives, black, green, Calamata, whatever you like); 3 garlic cloves, chopped; 1/4 cup white table wine( Chenin Blanc or other dry wine); 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine the olives, garlic, wine, and olive oil in a clay baking dish. Cover and bake in a 350 oven for about 20 minutes, or until the cured olives plump up.

Can be served warm in the baking dish with thick slices of crusty bread. You can do all but the baking up to 2 hrs. in advance.

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How amazing; I've never before sent out a public message anywhere, on anything. I have a reply to my question within six minutes of my request.

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Welcome Harper! Great name :)

We are a loquacious and helpful lot. I picked olives from trees in some of our parks years ago, and brined them w/good to great success. I got the instructions from the County Dept. of Agriculture(?), and, of course, modified as I saw fit, because I am a stubborn type. What I most recall is that, because these were little guys, they were a bit tedious to prep--perhaps scoring them? Sorry, I can't recall any more than that, but I seasoned some w/garlic, and others w/hot peppers. They were good, but I wish I'd learned what to do to make their tiny little selves plump up more. Alas, I have no time to pick olives!

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I bought some olives one time from Granville Market in Vancouver. They were green and had been cured with some lemon in the brine - quite a bit in fact there was lemon rind in the container. They were absolutely delicious. Unfortunately I did not get the ingredients as the clerk did not know how they were done but I can still taste them.

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S.O. loves garlic stuffed olives. Unfortunately, the only reputable brand charges about $5 for 10-12 olives. A complete ripoff as far as I'm concerned.

I pickled some garlic, we got great pitted
i unstuffed, unmarinated
green olives and I stuffed them with my pickled garlic, adding whatever herbs I wanted to the mix (oregano, basil and a finely chopped roasted poblano chile). They came out excellent and for a fraction of the price.

Garlic can be stuffed into oil cured olives as well. The pits are very easily removed from oil cured olives and they are much more pliable than the large green Spanish variety. Garlic may have to be cut to fit olives without tearing or splitting.

b Pickled Garlic

* 2 C distilled white vinegar
* 2 T salt
* 2 pounds fresh garlic
* 10-15 whole peppercorns
* 1 Bay leaf
* 1 small dry chile (if desired for spiciness)

Peel garlic cloves without bruising, leaving as intact as possible. Put the vinegar and salt in a non-corrosive saucepan. Add peeled garlic cloves and remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil and boil 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

Arrange in a large canning jar, pour vinegar in jar, making sure to cover the garlic by 1" of vinegar.

Label the jar with the date it was prepared. Garlic is ready in 1 month. Makes 2 pints (can be placed in 2 jars if necessary - I put mine in one large jar).

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Kai -- To save you confusion, I'm "Lemon" now. I decided that somewhere down the line I might prefer something resembling anonymity, and changing now is easier than doing it later. I would have preferred to be "Olive", but that's taken. So, "Lemon" it is.

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Here's another for Herbed Olives.

*1 12 oz jar Kalamata Olives
*1 12 oz jar green olives
*1 12 oz jar black olives

*1/4 cup red wine vinegar
*1 cup extra virgin olive oil
*1 tablespoon minced garlic
*1 tablespoon dried dill weed
*1/2 teaspoon salt
*1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes (or more,to taste)
*1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
*2 teaspoons dijon mustard, (optional)

Marinate 2 days at cool toom temperature or refrigerate.

(2# cubed feta cheese can be marinated (separately) in this seasoned oil mixture too.)

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Lemon, not to harp on names, but that's my favorite fruit :-)

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We are all so happy to hear that.

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Ooops, so sorry you had to read that MC! I feel your pain lol. Put a cold compress on that blood vessel you broke trying to search today :)

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Having acquired a Meyer lemon tree, large and old, in the garden after 25 years in downtown Boston, I now regard lemons as my favorite fruit, too. Harp, harp, harp.