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Great articles to read in your spare ...

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Ohmygoodness! DH thinks I'm in danger of getting pressure sores from sitting staring at this screen already, but I do get up to refill my coffe cup now and then.

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Just remember to do your stretches and you'll be fine - you can do neck rolls while waiting for pages to load, and back stretches while waiting for graphics to come up. Come on, move with me now . . .

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OMG, reading is one of my most favorite things, and these sure look like more fun than semiconductors!!! Thanks a heap, and my eye doc will also thank you :)

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Before visiting the site due to the post "Red Sauce," the only other time I had read anything in the
i Atlantic Monthly
was an article called
b Dan Quayle Was Right.
It referred to family values, and the worth of two-parent households. It was quite lengthy but very in-depth and raised many valid points.

FIGURES, I learn to appreciate the
i Atlantic Monthly
when I'm
i closer to the Pacific.
Thank God for websites!

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Great site, MC. Thanks. (Check out the article on grits and John Martin Taylor. They're playing my song.)

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Mean, thanks. Atlantic is a great magazine. People think it contains only scientific material. It has great articles(stating the obvious).